TV distribution or contribution, Satcom services hosting or VNO, ALTRASAV accessible state of the art teleports and PoPs around the world capable to uplink and broadcast any of the services you may wish to deploy to any corner of the world. All teleports are manned 24/7, have multiple power sources, employ safety regulations and connected to multiple international fiber connections. Various antenna sizes, frequencies and technologies are available, so you can concentrate on your business and ALTRASAV will provide you with a choice of service.

Channel contribution and distribution, occasional use and turnaround services – ALTRASAV accessible state of the art teleports and Pop’s will deliver your content in any format to any platform or device around the world.

ALTRASAV is positioned to offer you following:

Global TV distribution to direct to home (DTH) viewers

IPTV, OTT and streaming platforms, connecting you to CDNs around the world

Content aggregation and video encoding to multiple platforms and devices

HD and SD content and channel contribution & distribution over satellite, fiber and over the internet

Occasional Use (OU) and turnaround services for live events using DSNG and portable platforms