As your business expands, it is important that your information or document management evolves as well. Without an effective IT infrastructure to manage your ever-growing data volumes, you will be faced with the challenges of lower productivity issues, higher costs, and increased compliance risk.

Altrasav Limited is partnered with leading technology vendors to offer commercial document archiving solutions, Document management solutions, managed print services and correspondence management solutions to overcome these challenges. The solutions/services are flexible and cost effective. We provide data entry solutions on outsource basis, with secure scanning, data capture and backlog conversion solutions. Our complete document archiving solution includes all options to ensure your job is done from start to finish. A team of certified and skilled project managers are at hand to fulfill any project irrespective of size.

An electronic document management solutions can empower your company members with the ability to locate and retrieve documents instantaneously. The solution provides an easy way to back-up documents for offsite storage and disaster recovery providing failsafe archives and an effective disaster recovery strategy. Electronic files, including scanned images (tiff and pdf files of scanned paper documents and drawings), are readily accessible to co-workers across LAN's, company intranets, and the Internet..

Benefits of our Document Management Solution

Offers a highly secure central information repository which can be accessed by authorized users only

Facilitates quick search, retrieval and sharing of files

Streamlines the entire document processing cycle

Replaces paper with electronic file, which can be encrypted and securely stored in central database

Provides quick on-demand access to any required information at touch of buttons

Ensures complete compliance to regulatory and legal requirements, necessary for e-documentation

Creates up-to-date log of each and every electronic document or file accessed/used in the organization

Reduces processing time and storage area

Ensure better reporting and information sharing across enterprise

At Altrasav, we leverage our experience and access to cutting-edge IT infrastructure to offer managed document services for clients to help manage your business output and optimize the use of information, thereby increase sales revenue, controlling costs, boosting productivity, enhancing operational efficiency, and streamlining business processes.

If your document management system is outdated and does not ensure optimal efficiency, we have the expertise to make the process seamless for you, providing the following services:

Capture, Imaging, Storage, Retrieval

Workflow Integration

Digital File Management

Email management

Leveraging our smart IT support and document management services, our customers benefit from productivity gains, increased savings, high accuracy, and real-time access to information across the document lifecycle.

Why Choose Us

Whatever the scale of your operations, Altrasav is well-equipped to easily handle the entire gamut of documents used throughout your organization. With our IT support and document management services, you can create documents with integrated applications, save and store them at a secure location, locate a specific document at any time later, and view, edit, or share the same. Our capability helps you achieve efficient document management and collaboration, thus ensuring that creating, indexing, uploading, archiving, locating, sharing and accessing every type of document is an easy job for you. So with our efficient document management system within easy reach, you no longer have to worry about physical management of data.